Alton College Foundation Scholarships for Excellence Terms and Conditions –Effective 1 September 2023

1. Background.

In 1999 three Governors established The Alton College Foundation (The Foundation) as an independent registered charity. Since then almost £700,000 has been raised from local businesses, organisations and individual donors all with an interest in raising the standards in all fields of education. The funds have been used to improve HSDC Alton (the College) and help both students and staff. Since 2002 the Foundation’s Scholarship for Excellence Scheme, the sole objective of which is to reward and encourage effort and excellence amongst students, has awarded 420 students who have subsequently achieved great things both in education and in their careers.  

2. Scholarship Subjects

The number of Scholarships awarded and subjects covered varies from year to year but cover a wide range of subjects at both A level and BTEC. These include:

•Architecture and Design

•Business •Digital Media•Engineering

 •English Literature•Geography.Creative Writing

•History•Interior Design•Law•Modern languages


•Performing Arts•Philosophy

•Public Services•Sciences•Sport

In addition, Scholarships are currently offered to talented artists on the one-year Art Foundation course, supported by The Arts Society Alton. 

The monetary reward associated with each scholarship is determined by the Foundation’s Sponsors and is paid annually to students whilst at the College. More information will be provided on application.

3. The Foundation’s Supporters

HSDC Alton (the College) and The Alton College Foundation are extremely grateful to all those individuals and organisations that continue to support and fund this scheme. However, unlike other 6th form Scholarship schemes, the Foundation’s approach does do not use College funds. The Foundation welcomes enquiries from others wishing to add their names to the already impressive list of supporters below:

•Sir Simon and Lady Virginia Robertson

•Ellis Campbell Charitable Foundation

•Rotary Club of Alton

•Alton Lions Club(CIO)

•The Art Society Alton

•Sir James Scott

•Headley Financial Services

•Portsmouth University

•Mrs Merula Frankel

•Mr Peter and Mrs Lissa Wilson

•The Alton Society in memory of Nicky Branch

•Mr Mike Gray in memory of Peter Dilloway 

•Mr Fraser Wilson

•Mr Niven Baird

•Mr George Heller

•Scholarship Alumni

•Alton Building Preservation Trust 

•Mr Christopher Veal

4. Student Eligibility

4.1 Applicants must be 18 years or younger, studying at the College and in their first year of studies. The exception to this is students on the one-year Arts Foundation Course applying for a Scholarship from The Alton Art Society who may apply up until they are 19 years old.

4.2 Students should be undertaking either a 2-year A level course, an equivalent BTEC course or the Arts Foundation Course.  The Scholarship is only awarded to students in the first year of a two-year course (the exception being the Arts Foundation Course).

4.3 Only students who have already commenced full-time studies at the College will be considered for shortlisting and selection. However, students may apply before they start their studies at the College, if their predicted grades are 7-9 in most of their GCSE subjects. If applicants do apply before starting to study at the College, additional information will be requested after commencing full-time studies at College, e.g. actual GCSE results, feedback from College tutors.

4.4 Students must have achieved Grade 7-9 in most of your GCSE subjects, or be exceptionally talented at sport, music or be a talented artist. In addition: (a) if applying for Mathematics you must have achieved a Grade  8-9 in GCSE Mathematics and be studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A level; and  (b) if applying for Modern Foreign Languages students must have achieved a Grade 7-9 in a language at GCSE (preferably two) and be studying at least one language at A level.

4.5 Students should be working to Grade A –A* standard in your chosen A level subjects or D* in BTEC subjects.

4.6. Students can only be awarded one Scholarship although they may be allowed to apply for multiple Scholarships at the discretion of the Foundation.

5.How to apply

Applicants must either write a letter or email Alton College Foundation or complete the online application form available on this website.  The letter or email should be headed ‘Alton College Foundation Scholarships for Excellence’ and indicate the area for which you are applying e.g. a Mathematics Scholarship.  You should state why you feel you should be awarded a Scholarship, your future plans for university and career (if known) and any significant hobbies or interests. The Alton College Foundation will consider your letter or form of application, your previous academic achievements e.g. GCSE grades, comments from your school and the College teachers and any predicted grades when assessing your suitability for a Scholarship.

6.Closing Date/ Selection Process

6.1 All applications and references must be received by the 15th November. The Directors of the Foundation may, at their discretion, extend the application process in any year beyond this date.

6.2 Shortlisting for interviews will take place in December and if successful, you will be invited for interview in January (exact dates will vary each year). The interview panel will include College staff, Sponsors and Alton College Foundation Directors.

6.3 Decisions on the award of Scholarships are at the discretion of the interview panel and the Alton College Foundation and are final. Feedback will be given if requested.

7.Scholarship Payments

Payment to successful applicants will be made in two tranches. The first being made when you are confirmed as a Scholar and the second, subject to meeting certain commitments (see below), after the beginning of your second year at the College.  Note: in the case of Arts Foundation Scholars they will just receive one payment on award.

8.The Scholar's Commitment

8.1 Successful applicants will be required to attend the awards ceremony to receive the Scholarship certificate. This will take place in either February or March.

8.2 Scholars are encouraged to contact and meet with their Sponsors whilst at the College.  This is not only valued by our Sponsors but is also often beneficial to the Scholar. Such meetings and contacts should always meet the safeguarding rules stipulated by the College and must be arranged via the Alton College Foundation Administrator.

8.3 All Scholars must submit an annual report (250-400 words) detailing progress and achievements and how the scholarship money has been used or is intended to be used.

8.4 Scholars must demonstrate commitment throughout their time at the College. The definition of what constitutes commitment will be determined by the Alton College Foundation but will primarily relate to:

 a) Interim results and reports from the College; in particular that the Scholar is achieving the expected academic performance and exhibits the behaviour expected of a Scholar. 

b) That the Scholar is continuing to study the subject that relates to the Scholarship e.g. an English Scholar continues to work towards an A level in English. 

c) In some instances, the Sponsor may attach specific requirements to their Scholarship. Scholars will be notified of these in advance and must accept those requirements prior to receiving their award.

8.5 If it is felt that the Scholar is not be sufficiently committed or leaves the College then any outstanding payments will be forfeited.

8.6 All communications between the Scholar and Alton College Foundation must be made through the Alton College Foundation Administrator. Contact: Sarah Womersley, Foundation Administrator, Alton College Foundation, Old Odiham Road, Alton, Hants, GU34 2LY. Telephone: 01420 592208. 


Disclaimer: The Alton College Foundation reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions without notice.

A copy of these Terms and Conditions will be posted on our website

Date: updated September 2023