We have made some further changes to the Scholarship for Excellence Scheme so we thought it a good idea to provide some key information for those thinking of applying.

Who is the Scheme open to?

Anybody who plans to come to the college or who is already in their first year at the college for either A Levels or a BTEC for the current Academic Year.

Can I receive more than one Scholarship?

A Student can only receive one Scholarship. This ensures that we are able to award more Scholarships to more students.

How old do you have to be to apply?

The Scheme is open to students between the ages of 16-18 (the exception to this is students who are studying on the Art Foundation Course who may still apply if 19 years old).

How do you apply?

First read the terms and conditions which are published on this website and which set out the eligibility criteria for the scholarship scheme.

You may apply prior to joining the college e.g. in your final school year or whilst you are at the college.

Applications should be made to the Alton College Foundation (guidance is again available on this site). This can be done via post or email or online (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE APPLICATION FORM).

What is the timetable for applications and selection?

Applications must be received by no later than the middle of November following the start of the Academic Year (currently this means by the 15th November).

Candidate applications will be shortlisted in December and selection Interviews will take place in December and January, with the candidates being awarded their Scholarship at an Awards Ceremony (usually in early March).

What happens at the Interview?

The interview process is quite straight forward. You will be asked questions about why you have applied, what you will use any money for, topic specific questions and questions on anything mentioned in your application e.g interests outside of college. At the end you will be ask if you have any questions and told what happens next. The whole process should be viewed as great experience and enjoyed.

What subjects are Scholarships available for ?

The Scholarship subjects depend each year on who the Sponsors are and what subjects they wish to support. We will publish a list of subjects available on this website . The majority of the Scholarships are for 1st year students however the The Arts Society Alton Scholarship is aimed at Art Foundation students.

What funding can I expect to receive for a Scholarship?

This is determined by the Sponsor but currently the maximum amount that can be awarded is £400 a year (over a 2 year period this equates to £800).

What am I expected to do as a result of receiving a Scholarship?

Given the prestige and money associated with receiving a Scholarship and the importance we place on achievement we do expect a number of things, not least that you achieve or exceed your projected results. More on this can be found on this website. 

What is the best way to keep up to date with what is happening with the Scholarship Scheme?

Other then visiting this website the best way is to follow us on Twitter @FoundationAC or Facebook. 

What if I have any other questions not covered above?

Call or email us.  See Contact Details

 To read the eligibility criteria and T&Cs Click Here